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we art collection

The Challenge

WE ART COLLECTION is an online platform powered by WE ART AGENCY. The collection showcases the crème de la crème of photographers and illustrators through curated portfolios. They approached me to develop a concept for their instagram profile. The aim was to develop a content strategy in order to be relevant to creatives in the industry while promoting the artists already on the platform.

The Solution

The company has an extensive database of photos and illustrations. Previously, only new artists’ images were posted on instagram when they joined the platform. I suggested to make use of the database and re-contextualise the images into different categories. This allowed us to post more frequently and take advantage of the wide variety of work on the platform.


I decided to post rows of three pictures, each row representing one of the following categories:

  • mood: three images from various artists that are related in mood

  • highlighted artist: three photo series from one artist already on the platform

  • best of the monthly newsletter: a curated selection of the three best new works on the platform

  • new artist / agent: three pictures from a new artist’s or agent’s portfolio

​With instagram’s evolving algorithm, stories have gained more and more importance, as they are the best tool to stay on top of your followers’ feed. I suggested to use them to create teasers for the categories mentioned above.


To get a better idea, feel free to follow @weart.co.

What I did 

creative direction   •   art direction   •   design