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Maximilian Mogg

The Challenge

Maximilian Mogg is a made-to-measure menswear brand based in Berlin. With their claim “My children should wear it, my grandchildren should admire it”, Maximilian Mogg stands for timeless style with all the classic details that make men shine. They approached me to design the poster for the opening party of their new store in Charlottenburg.

The Solution

My ambition was to honour the brand’s stylistic origins while still highlighting their timeless yet laid-back approach. The poster features the brand’s founder Maximilian Mogg in a pensive mood in the top left and in more formal attire at the bottom right. The concept was to make reference to the style of the 60s which is the inspiration behind Mogg’s clothing design by using design elements characteristic of film posters of that era. The use of a black-and-white colouring reflects the timeless approach to design espoused by Mogg, while the text contains a number of tongue-in-cheek references to the brand and its collaborators.

What I did 

art direction   •   design