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The Challenge

KIMEM is a clothing line of elevated essentials for the modern woman, based in Berlin and Los Angeles. KIMEM’s designs embody an understated sophistication with a twist. They contacted me to help them conceptualise and produce their next instagram campaign.

The Solution

The idea behind the campaign was to portray ‘the KIMEM woman’. A contemporary, urban woman who wants to dress in a sophisticated yet minimalistic manner.


She hangs out at her place on a late summer afternoon, getting ready for the night that awaits her. Her make-up is ready as she tries on different outfits with the characteristic nonchalance of the girl who likes to pretend she doesn’t care.


As KIMEM was looking for a ‘real’ girl to represent the brand in their campaign, I chose a street casting rather than working with a model agency. I found Coralie, a young fashion student from Mainz who had recently moved to Berlin, through my professional network. She had little experience with modelling but had that je-ne-sais-quoi that I was looking for. Location scouting was facilitated by my personal network.

What I did 

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